Free Blog Planners: Blog Organization Simplified


Blog Planner

Planning and organizing your blog tasks will not only save you time and frustration, but it may be the only thing that will keep your blog on track and posts consistently made. There is much more to blogging than many people think when they begin blogging. I find it very helpful to keep all blogging information (IDs, passwords, statistics, future post ideas, blog maintenance, brainstorming ideas, etc.) all in one place. Also, if you are managing multiple blogs, like I do, an organized Blog Planner is critical to your success.

Although I don’t think that one blog planner will work for all blogs or bloggers (thank God we are all different), here are some nice looking planners with great features that you can use to discover what work best for you.


Free Printable Blog Planners:




Erica from offers both a weekly and monthly version of her Colorful Blog Planner that you can print for your own use. Her planners are well laid out and very attractive.

You can find Erica’s Weekly Colorful Blog Planner and Monthly Colorful Blog Planner directly from





TJ from created a printable Blog Planner which is easily customizable with many page options. I specifically like the blog maintenance pages that she offers.

You can download TJ’s Blog Binder Pages from




Jolanthe of offers another attractive Printable Blog Planner to help you organize your blog. Her floral themed, 60 page Blog Planner includes a wide variety of specialized pages to organize your posts, statistics, notes and much more.

Jolanthe’s Free Printable Blog Planner can be downloaded from


Blog Planning Extras:




Sarah of offers free pintables for a Social Media Checklist, Blogging Goals and Monthly Blogging Statistics. These are some additional sheets that can help you get organized and identify tasks that you need to perform. I really like her Social Media Checklist for its exactness and simplicity.

Sarah’s Blog Planner Extras are available from


Digital Blog Planner (Excel Format):




If you prefer keeping Blog Planner electronically, instead of a print version, Sicorra of offers this free digital Blog Planner. This comprehensive organizing system consists of a 13 tab Excel file for you to track everything from your posts, stats and to do list to your expenses and detail on your advertisers. Notes and tips are also included on resources where you can attain the needed information.

Sicorra’s Digital Blog Planner is available from


I hope these tools will enable you to enhance your blog planning even better in the coming year and help in making your endeavors even more successful.


Benefits Available for Freelance Workers

freelancersunion_memberThere are so many advantages to a freelance career. You’re able to be in charge of your career and take advantage of flexible hours, just to name a few. The one down side that is often mentioned to a freelance career is that you have to give up the benefits that are often offered, when working for an employer.


My joining the Freelancer’s Union at Freelancer’s Union Website (for free) you no longer have to give up those benefits of employees are offered. The Freelancer’s Union has a lot to offer for freelancers, some of them include:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Liability insurance
  • Corporate discounts
  • Member to member discounts
  • Networking events
  • Freelance directory


As freelancers we offer a great services to others; by joining fellow freelancers, we are able to support each other too.